Fr. James Brent, O.P.

Fr. James Dominic Brent, O.P. was born and raised in Michigan. He pursued his undergraduate and graduate studies in Philosophy, and completed his doctorate in Philosophy at Saint Louis University on the epistemic status of Christian beliefs according to Saint Thomas Aquinas. He has articles in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy on Natural Theology, in the Oxford Handbook of Thomas Aquinas on “God’s Knowledge and Will”, and  in the Oxford Handbook of the Epistemology of Theology on “Thomas Aquinas.” He earned his S.T.L. from the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception, and taught in the School of Philosophy at The Catholic University of America. He is presently on the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, DC, and frequently gives lectures for the Thomistic Institute.