Jennifer Cid


Jennifer Cid is the bookkeeper for both the Avila Foundation and Apostoli Viae. Jennifer was born in the Dominican Republic but was raised in New York City. She graduated from CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College School of Public Affairs in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs and a minor in Communication Studies. As a New Yorker, she was transformed by the teachings of St. John Paul II Theology of the Body as it was preached by the Community of the Franciscans of the Renewal in the Corazón Puro (Pure Heart) ministries. In 2015, she entered religious life where she studied philosophy and theology at the San Bruno Institute of Higher Studies. She was a missionary in Spain for the past 2 years in the Cataluña regions where she ran a Shrine dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Girona and worked in the liturgical organization of the Cathedral in Vic.  After 7 years of religious life, she discerned out with much peace and gratitude with the religious community and the Church. Jennifer currently resides in Montgomery, Alabama.