Maggie Herd

Berenice Galvez

Operations Administrative Assistant

Berenice Galvez is a Los Angeles, CA. native, and moved to Alabama upon being hired to work for the Avila Foundation. She was a medical assistant for 5 years while going through a massive conversion in her young adult group, where she became part of the evangelization committee. She received the “Archbishop Jose H. Gomez Young Adult in Ministry Award” in 2015. In 2016, she dropped her career in health care to give her life in service to Christ. Her first mission was as an Expansion & Operations Coordinator for a program in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, where she worked with the most vulnerable in the Hispanic community while simultaneously working for a pro-life entity rescuing women from abortion. During this time, she ministered as program coordinator for Spanish Theology of the Body and consecrations to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Berenice is a member of the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders and is now serving God through the Avila Family.